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What Should I Do if the IFP Plays No Sound? How to Adjust the Volume?

  • 1、All-in-one has no sound? "
    • 1)、Click the volume icon in the lower right corner of the computer desktop and click the first option to switch the option of playing sound
    • 2)、If not ok, click the lower left corner of the computer to start, find the control panel-> sound, enter; select the speaker, right-click the mouse, the default options appear, if not, try to switch other modes to the default mode. After that, you can test the sound.
    • 3)、For Windows 10 system, click the volume icon on the bottom right corner of the desktop. There is an inverted triangle on the top to adjust it to become a "speaker".

  • 2、How does the all-in-one adjust the volume?
    • 1)、Swipe up at the bottom of the all-in-one screen to bring up the toolbar interface. Click "Volume +" to adjust it to 100, and keep it at the maximum, as shown below:
    • 2)、Click the volume button at the bottom right corner of the all-in-one interface to bring up the volume adjustment interface. Drag the similar “pointer” button in the red box to slide the volume up and down, as shown below:
    • 3)、adjust the volume of audio and video playback software
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