Smoothly interactive

Anti light interference, adapt to various environments,
Fast respond speed, writing and presentation smoothly,
Courseware classification management, it is convenient for teachers to use it.

Smart operations

Smart operations, you can write at any page, note and screen capture,
Smart recognition, auto recognize signal input channel, it will auto turn off if without signal input,
Smart protection your eyes, environment light detection, brightness auto adjust, it can meet your demands of writing and watching different scene,
Smart lock, quickly lock the touch screen and virtual keys function, just in case the wrong operation.

Energy saving

Green and healthy
One-key energy saving, lower standby power consumptionOne-key energy saving, lower standby power consumption
Smart environment detection, it can auto adjust light so that it can lower the consumption.

Effective hotkeys

Support multi screen hotkeys, so that it is easy to switch different pages
New page, different size pen selection, save, clear, undo etc regular functions.
It makes interactive teaching more quickly and intelligent

Work with all kinds of office software

You can make a note on the file or operate on presentation files,
Support directly operation on Word, Excel, AVI, MEPG, Flash, jpeg, txt, GIF etc.

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