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General multimedia education solution

    In view of teaching characteristics and teaching needs, interactive whiteboards will bring a clear and shadow-less perfect teaching effect and provide a safe and environmentally friendly teaching environment for students.

    Muti-subjects software helps teachers from different grades, different subjects achieve easily interactive teaching, improve the interesting of class so that it can achieve the real interactive teaching mode. Powerful local resources and network resources provide a strong resources platform for teachers teaching, teacher can use these resources any time and any place.

1. interactive whiteboard

    Enter into the era of interactive multmedia teaching to achieve real dust proof teaching; Teacher can get fully rid of mouse and keyboard so that make the teaching smoothly. It brings an vivid and interactive teaching experience with the assistant teaching of software with all kinds of subjects and simulation experiment, in which you can also make a note, write.

2. muti-subjects features

    Muti-subjects software is designed for interactive whiteboards. There are four software application mode which can meet the different demands of teacher preparing class and teaching; Five subjects (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese and English) with plenty of professional interactive tools can brings a perfect interactive class teaching

3. Powerful access to resources data function

    The unique interworking function in the muti-subject software helps teacher search, select and use the resources in the software under the network like different subject version, grades and subject etc.

4. abundant resources data

    Provide rich local resources and network resources for assistant teaching. There are 114 major classes and 105 minor classes resources with high quality.

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