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Fourteen Departments Including the Ministry of Education Have Made Arrangements for Vocational Training in Vocational Schools

In order to implement the implementation of this year's government work report and the “National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan” and the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing Action Plan for the Promotion of Vocational Skills (2019-2021)”, to promote vocational colleges to conduct extensive training and services for the society. To expand employment, the Ministry of Education and other 14 departments jointly issued the Action Plan for the Comprehensive Development of Vocational Training in Vocational Colleges to Promote Employment and Entrepreneurship (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). The "Action Plan" addresses the prominent problems in the current vocational training of vocational colleges, and proposes key tasks and policy measures to promote vocational colleges to comprehensively carry out vocational training, emphasizing the need to give full play to the advantages of vocational education resources and strengthen the institutions and Teachers' initiative, mobilize the enthusiasm of trainees, carry out large-scale and high-quality vocational training for all workers, especially key populations and areas where skills and skills are in short supply, and accelerate the formation of a school structure that places equal emphasis on academic education and training. Strong support for quality and fuller employment.

The "Action Plan" proposes that by 2022, vocational colleges and universities will become important positions for employment and entrepreneurship training, and vocational colleges will undertake subsidized training on a larger scale each year, and the annual average of various vocational trainings will reach more than 50 million person-times. A number of high-level training bases built by in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, building a large number of training resources and typical training projects, and training a large number of teachers who can simultaneously undertake academic education and training tasks.

The "Action Plan" focuses on broadly developing the skills training of enterprise employees, actively carrying out employment and entrepreneurship training for key groups, vigorously carrying out reemployment training for the unemployed, providing vocational guidance and employment services, promoting training resource construction and model reform, and strengthening training of teachers Ten aspects, such as team building, support for multi-party cooperation to jointly build training and training bases, improvement of incentive policies for vocational colleges to develop training, sound support and encouragement policies for trainees, and establishment of training evaluation and assessment mechanisms, have been proposed.

The Action Plan proposes action requirements from three aspects. The first is to strengthen organizational leadership. Relevant departments in various places must actively support vocational schools to undertake training projects in their own departments (industries) and related fields. Vocational schools should take training as the number one priority. The second is to strengthen implementation management. Localities must determine timetables and task books, establish an action plan reporting system, and the Ministry of Education organizes annual reports to be released to the society on a regular basis. The third is to focus on publicity and guidance. Increase the publicity of training, help enterprises and workers understand the familiar policies, and make good use of them.

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