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Application Advantages of IFP in the Classroom

Application Advantages of IFP in the Classroom

"Compared to ordinary teaching, what are the advantages of multimedia teaching in the classroom?

1, intuitiveness, can break through the shackles of vision, observe things from multiple angles, find out the key points, and help the understanding of knowledge;

2, The images and texts are full of sound and image, and the students' emotions and attention are mobilized from multiple perspectives.


3, the dynamic nature is conducive to responding to ideas and processes, and can effectively break through teaching difficulties;


4, interactivity, so that students have more involvement, more active learning, and create reflective situations, which will help students form a new cognitive layout;


5, the expansion of the usual experiments is completed based on multimedia experiments, and the students' ability to explore and create is based on the reproduction and imitation of real experiments;


6, repeatability, help to overcome the difficulties in teaching and avoid forgetting;


7, Pertinence makes teaching to students at different levels possible;


8, Large amount of information and large capacity saves space and time and improves teaching efficiency.

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