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Analysis of Human-computer Interaction Function of Conference IFP

The application area of ​​the conference all-in-one has covered every corner of life, and it can be seen everywhere in life. It is powerful and diverse and can meet the needs of various enterprises, enterprises and even individuals. It has become a leader in high-tech products. The human-machine interactive touch function is one of its important functions. The following explains the benefits that the conference all-in-one human-machine interactive touch function can bring.

Easy operation

As long as you gently touch the icon or text on the computer display with your finger, you can operate the host computer, making human-computer interaction more intuitive. Because today's conference all-in-one is not only limited to high-end occasions, but has also spread to the street industry, even ordering, song ordering system, telecommunications, power system query, etc. This can greatly facilitate people who do not use computers often and make them It becomes convenient during use.

Work convenience

The touch screen inquiry machine is a high-tech product integrating computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial modeling art and machinery manufacturing technology. It supports the production of multi-layer interactive programs, which can show the promotional content more vividly and play a good role in the interaction. Intangible can make users truly feel the characteristics of free interaction between man and machine. In the process, it greatly reduces manpower investment, saves time, and improves work efficiency.


The application of the interactive touch function of the all-in-one conference machine does not stop there. When you touch the graphic buttons on the screen of the inquiries, the haptic feedback system on the screen can drive a variety of connected devices according to pre-programmed programs. It can replace the mechanical button panel and produce vivid audiovisual effects through the LCD display, which is fast. The response made users very happy and also facilitated man-machine communication.

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