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  • K-12 Quality English Courses, Waiting for You to Pick Up!

    In the past two years, there have been rumors that "small TOEFL can be recognized by many top international middle schools and top private schools as the admission criteria." Many people are confused when they see this. Is it true? Of course, regardless of true and false for the time being, the test can indeed accurately measure the child's ability to communicate in English, listening and reading, and mastery of grammar and vocabulary knowledge at the corresponding level...

  • Fourteen Departments Including the Ministry of Education Have Made Arrangements for Vocational Training in Vocational Schools

    “National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan” and the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing Action Plan for the Promotion of Vocational Skills (2019-2021)”, to promote vocational colleges to conduct extensive training and services for the society...

  • Application Advantages of IFP in the Classroom

    "Compared to ordinary teaching, what are the advantages of multimedia teaching in the classroom?

  • How to Use the Eight Basic Functions of IWB

    The use of electronic whiteboards in schools is very common, and many teachers ca n’t get started when they first come into contact with the electronic whiteboards. The following editors talk about the eight basic functions of electronic whiteboards. I hope to help teachers understand the electronic whiteboards faster. Make better use of electronic whiteboards for teaching.

  • Analysis of Human-computer Interaction Function of Conference IFP

    The application area of ​​the conference all-in-one has covered every corner of life, and it can be seen everywhere in life. It is powerful and diverse and can meet the needs of various enterprises, enterprises and even individuals. It has become a leader in high-tech products.

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