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Interactive Whiteboard tutorial!

一、 Explanation of the working principle Interactive whiteboards need to be used in conjunction with a computer and a projector. Connect the whiteboard to the computer and use the projector to project the contents of the computer on the screen of the whiteboard to achieve any operation that can be achieved by the mouse and keyboard. . The electronic whiteboard is surrounded by infrared receiving tubes and infrared transmitters, which form a crosswise infrared matrix. When the user touches the screen, his finger (or other opaque object) blocks the vertical and horizontal infrared rays passing through this position. The system therefore determines that the touch point is at The position of the touch screen is imaged.

二、how to connect the electronic whiteboard First install the electronic whiteboard driver and software on the computer, then plug in the USB cable and HDMI cable, turn on the projector, and you can use it normally.

三、how to install the electronic whiteboard The installation of the electronic whiteboard is divided into two parts, one is the hardware installation, and the other is the software and driver installation. For hardware installation, directly measure the distance of the wall-hanging parts on the wall, then punch the holes, fix the four wall-hanging parts to the wall, and then hang the electronic whiteboard. The hardware is partially completed (after the arrival of the product, check the integrity of the product, contact customer service Install master to install according to your time). Software and driver installation is relatively simple, just click on custom installation. Or download directly from the official website. Search for "Beijing Shengshi He'an Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.", click "Home", and select your applicable version in the "Download" column. The installation package contains the Flash Player software.

Software installation process: The installation folder can choose other hard disks, and all system disks may cause the computer to freeze.

四、 how to adjust the electronic whiteboard Each projector is wearing a remote control, the menu key can adjust the brightness and contrast, etc., according to your needs to adjust appropriately.

Projector calibration process:
1、 Open the menu bar in the lower right corner of the computer and select Calibration. The more calibration points you choose, the more accurate the calibration will be.
2、 Perform calibration based on the aperture displayed on the electronic whiteboard. (Calibration must be performed on the whiteboard. If the operation is not accurate, press "Esc" to exit and recalibrate)

五、The basic functions and skills of electronic whiteboard
1.Support 10-point touch, can write at 10-point at the same time.
2.Support gesture operation, with two-point zoom-in and zoom-out, three-point roaming, back of the hand wipe and other gestures
3.Insert a picture, the size, direction and position of the picture can be adjusted freely, and the picture can be annotated and marked.
4. Graphics: It has the ability to draw arbitrary polygons, circles, ellipses, etc. It supports the setting of lines as solid lines and dotted lines. The color and thickness can be set. The fill color and fill gradient effect can be set.
5.Text: support text input, call soft keyboard, you can set font, color, bold, item number, adjust indent;
6.Brushes: Pens, highlighters, writing brushes, etc .; all brushes support quick setting of any color, quick setting of any thickness, etc.
7. Resource insertion: Supports flash, video, audio, picture, pdf, html, svg and other file insertion.
8.Common tools: compasses, rulers, curtains and other teaching tools.
9.With multiple people writing and erasing functions, multiple people using the brush and eraser at the same time do not conflict with each other, and can set the page size layout according to the number of people.
PPT comments: Mark comments can be modified directly on the PPT page.
The menu is available in 36 languages.
Our functions can be more than that, please pay attention to us, we will update various function operation demonstrations in the next issue.

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