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How to Insert Picture, Flash, Video, Audio etc?

  • 1 Open the "AKB Whiteboard" software on the desktop and enter the interface:
  • Simply select the file and drag it to the writing interface;

  • 2.The resources that need to be inserted into the software can be operated according to the following steps;
    • (1)、Method one
    • Click "Documents" in the upper left corner of the whiteboard software interface
    • The software interface will switch to this interface
    • Click "Add" in black font and choose to add a picture
    • Select the picture you want to open, click to select, click to open
    • The picture will add a new interface to the software page, as shown below
    • (2)、Method two
    • Select the picture you want to open, click and hold, do n’t let go, drag directly to the software interface
    • (3)、Method three
    • Click the rectangle on the right side of the software interface
    • Select the file to be inserted
    • After entering the folder, select and drag directly to the writing interface.
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