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The Touch Point is Not Accurate. How to Solve?

  • 1、 After the whiteboard is connected to the computer, open the "Whiteboard Calibration" software on the desktop of the computer, then click "Reset Calibration", and then turn on the whiteboard calibration again. Select 9-point calibration. First, use the whiteboard pen to vertically click the center of the calibration dot to prevent Hands and other opaque objects cover the infrared frame to avoid inaccurate touch after calibration.

  • 2、Check the resolution of the projector and the computer. Mismatch between the resolution of the computer and the projector will cause inaccurate touch:
    • 1)、 Adjust the "Resolution" in the computer display settings to 1024 * 768. After recalibrating the whiteboard, try to check whether the touch position or writing position is correct;
    • 2)、Unplug the HDMI or VGA cable from the computer to the projector and adjust the resolution of the computer to 1024 * 768; plug in the output cable of the computer connected to the projector, then adjust the resolution to 1024 * 768 and recalibrate it again. Try writing to check if the writing position is accurate;
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